STAFF EDITORIAL: LUCC elections should be online

Frustration at the polls is not a new concept for Lawrentians. Alleged ballot shortages, ballot stuffing, closed polls, poor advertising, and general inconvenience have long been a part of LUCC elections. There is an easy solution to this reoccurring problem, though: LUCC elections should go online.In the past, students have been able to give input online about the Sasaki reports (the firm that the university consults regarding building placement and campus improvement), so it is not a question of technology. Other colleges have conducted elections online, so it is not a question of electoral ethics. It makes sense for LUCC to use the same methods.

Because all Lawrentians have access to the Internet, online voting would give every student a surefire way to vote. Instead of having to run around trying to figure out where the polls are and when they are open, students could simply vote out of the privacy and comfort of their own rooms or computer labs.

Instead of sending out a voicemail, which has little hope of directly inducing anyone to the polls, LUCC could send out a campus-wide email with a link to the election page and then students would be a few mouse clicks away from their civic duty when they received their reminder. Computer Services could place that link on the desktop of every terminal on campus.

Students who do not wish to vote online, for whatever reason, could vote with a traditional paper ballot at the Info Desk.

Online voting would mark the extinction of possible hassles such as ballot shortage and polls closing early. Students could easily pull up the LU website, enter their ID number, and vote. Online voting would be infinitely more efficient, would diminish (if not eliminate) the margin for error, and increase the quality of student representation. In fact, it is such an easy solution that it is a wonder LUCC hasn’t tried it before.