What’s on your iPod?

1. “Ordinary Day,” Great Big Sea
This is a great song to listen to when you are feeling down or disappointed. I am a big fan of Irish-sounding rock and alternative music, to the point that I think I am adopted Irish.2. “The Heart of Rock & Roll,” Huey Lewis and The News
Huey Lewis has a great sound. His music has a certain everyman appeal to it, and it definitely has a timeless quality.

3. “New Math,” Bo Burnham
Bo Burnham’s comic songs are very nerdy and very funny. Burnham manages to tell very dirty jokes in a very intellectual way, and I give him massive credit for that. You have got to love this guy’s puns.

4. “Carry The Water,” Bruce Hornsby
Bruce Hornsby is my all-time favorite artist. This song comes from one of his earlier albums, and it really showcases both his great voice and his right-handed melodic runs on the piano.

5. “Rockin’ The Bronx,” Black 47
More Irish rock. Black 47 is a political, angry band, and the band’s songs often are a pastiche of different music genres. The entire “Fire of Freedom” album is some of Black 47’s best work.

6. “Candy Mountain Run,” Bruce Hornsby
This song comes from one of Hornsby’s pop phases. The song is upbeat, cheerful and still demonstrates Hornsby’s ability to combine his voice with instrumentation in interesting ways.

7. “Wordplay,” Jason Mraz
I really like some of the more intellectual lyrics Mraz has come up with. This song really does it for me.

8. “Rainbow’s Cadillac,” Bruce Hornsby
This song happens to be my ring tone. The live version is great, as Hornsby’s band does some great improvisations in this song. More of Hornsby’s great piano work shows up, too.

9. “New Soul,” Yael Naim
This song snuck up on me. I had never heard of this artist until Pandora recommender her to me. I’ve really been getting into her stuff lately, and her voice carries her music into some interesting places.

10. “Stitched Up,” Herbie Hancock and John Mayer
This song is a great collaboration between two great artists. The lyrics really resonate with me, and I feel like the melody communicates just the right mood. The duo of Hancock and Mayer is a class act.