What’s true about Senior LU athletes?

Matt Hoh

1. Jimmy Kloppmann received a red card 15 minutes into his first collegiate soccer game.
2. Evan Neuens had only two penalties during his college football career.
3. Chris Carlson, upon hearing my request for trivia, decided to get a hole in one for the first time in his life May 19, 2009.
4. Jayce Apelgren was born in Colorado.
5. Derek Micke once raced a cheetah and won.Answers:
1. False. Jimmy Kloppmann did receive a red card in his first game, however it did not come until the 17-minute mark. (Submitted by Jimmy Kloppmann)
2. False. Neuens only received one penalty during his career when he picked up a personal foul for hitting a kick returner before the ball got there. (Submitted by Evan Neuens)
3. True. Chris Carlson pulled of this amazing feat just to make it into the newspaper. (Submitted by Chris Carlson)
4. True. Jayce was born in Colorado 22 years ago. (Submitted by Jayce Apelgren)
5. No one really knows. Micke claims that back in the day he did actually race a cheetah and win, however there is no actual evidence or witnesses. The legend does live, however, giving Derek the nickname Cheetah! (Submitted by Derek Micke)