Staff Ed

Grace Christiansen

We would like to offer our most sincere welcome to Lawrence’s newest members, be they freshmen or transfer students. As Welcome Week comes to a close and you begin to shake off the sugar from cookies and finish get-to-know-you games, we welcome you to the place that, for four years, will be your home.
Today you had your first Freshman Studies class, which, as you have undoubtedly already been told, is to begin you on your journey of liberal learning. Your first class may have been incredibly inspiring or altogether unimpressive, but the fact remains that it is here that your Lawrence education begins. Not solely the education provided by academia, but also the education provided by life. It is here that you will gain the tools to explore the world around you, and you will use those tools for years to come.
It is in this spirit of beginnings and exploration that we implore you to make the most of your few short years here. Learn all that you can, talk to your professors and constantly question. Truly listen to your fellow students, for everyone has something to teach and much to learn. Cherish the opportunity you have been given to devote yourself to learning and, perhaps most importantly, remember to sleep — go easy on the coffee.