Cene Ketcham, Vice President

Cene Ketcham

The Vice President of LUCC heads up the finance committee, which is responsible for allocating money to student groups. As such, for most students he or she is the person with the most practical power, since for many groups budget allocation determines how successful the group will be at fulfilling their goals. For this reason it is imperative that the Vice President be fair and respectful of student groups and their concerns, as well as responsible with the budget. Of course, not every group can receive all the money they ask for, but decisions about allocations should be made while keeping in mind that LUCC is responsible for supporting the student-initiated organizations and activities that shape the quality and variety of life at Lawrence.

As co-president of two clubs, I have dealt with finance committee and LUCC in the past, and I know that the budget process is often confusing, frustrating, and difficult. The current administration has worked on placing much of the information online, but their web page lacks style and substance. It will be my priority to make the finance committee web page much more attractive and user-friendly, with all relevant forms and procedural requirements easy to access and understand, and up-to-date information about committee meetings. From your desk you will be able to find all the appropriate guidelines, submit your request, and promptly receive confirmation that you are on the agenda, with the date and time of a meeting for you to show up to.

After I become LUCC Vice-President, the funding process will become much simpler, and LUCC will regain a practical relevance to students that it seems to have lost over the years. I am committed to providing a fair and responsible budget process in order to enhance each student’s experience at Lawrence, and I hope that you will vote for me in the upcoming election.