Bill Hanna, Vice President

Bill Hanna

I am a freshman from Appleton, and currently the LUCC representative for Trever Hall. I am also a member of the finance committee. Both my experience on the finance committee and my years in Appleton will help me accomplish my goals as Vice President. The first goal as finance committee chair is to become more responsible with your programming fee dollars. I have been working with current Vice President Adam Locke to develop a programming board. This board would help eliminate double scheduling. By having all programming groups work together, they may utilize their maximum resources and maximize your programming dollars. Another board that I intend to assist is the publications board. Currently all publications clubs on campus are in debt. As Vice President, it is my job to stop the overspending and lower the debt.

My other goal is to see the university become more involved with the city. One idea to become involved with the city is an adopt a student program. Members of the Appleton community would adopt a student and may have them over for Thanksgiving, attend concert and sporting events, and provide a home away from home. This gives the community a reason to come to Lawrence events and the students a person nearby who can possibly help them with errands, bake them some brownies, or just have someone to talk with.

I believe, with the help of a great LUCC President, these goals can be achieved. LUCC has the potential to do great things with a good President, Vice President, and cabinet team. I believe I will be a great asset to that team. So on Election Day keep in mind: Truth in Spending and Community and Campus United.