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Alyssa Onan

(Paul Wilke)

Brad Scurfield
HockeyWhat are you most looking forward to for this season?

I am most looking forward to succeeding as a team and beating Adrian to win the Harris Cup.

What do you do in the offseason to prepare for the season?
In the offseason I follow the team workout and try to get in the best cardiovascular shape possible for the upcoming season.

Favorite post-game meal?
After games I like to have a nice big burger.

If you could play professional hockey, what team would you play for? Why?
If I could play professional hockey I would want to play for the Detroit Red Wings, because they rule and are the best.

Favorite music to listen to before a game?
I like any music that is playing in the locker room before games to get me pumped up.

Clare Bohrer

Would you rather block a spike or have a kill? Why?
That’s a hard question to answer, but I would have to say blocking over getting a kill. Getting a block is exciting because it means you just saved your back row defense from receiving an attack and you completely denied their efforts of crushing the ball.

Do you have a pre-game routine? What is it?
I usually listen to music on my way over to the gym. The Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station usually gets favored! My favorite pre-game cheer to lead with the team is probably “Get Some!”

If you could play another sport at LU what would it be and why?
I would probably run the hurdles with the girls track team. In high school I was pretty into track, but with being a music major I don’t think I could handle two varsity sports.

What’s your favorite LU volleyball memory?
My favorite LU volleyball memory would be when we beat UW-Eau Claire in three games last season on our home court!

How do you balance all of your campus activities?
That is a great question. My calendar is always attached to me wherever I go, and I love post-it notes! It also helps to have the support from friends and faculty from all areas of the college, conservatory and athletic department.

(Paul Wilke)

(Paul Wilke)

(Paul Wilke)