Sammy’s Pizza

Ray Feller

Good pizza is defined differently from person to person. At a place like Sammy’s, however, where that same thin, steaming pizza has been served to Appleton customers since 1958, it seems clear that they have been accepted as “good.”If you like thin pizza, Sammy’s is the place to go. Although their suggested ratio of people to pizza is invariably low, the quality is nothing but high. Real mozzarella cheese, fresh ingredients, and an excellent homemade tomato sauce make Sammy’s pizza irresistibly tasty. The traditional Sammy’s crust is exceptionally thin, but has an excellent flavor. If its crisp deliciousness is not sufficient, you can order thick crust, though personally I see no reason to ruin the purity by trying to have too much of a good thing.

Sammy’s also offers sandwiches for under $6, as well as calzones with your choice of any two toppings (well, fillings) for $4.50. Beyond food, though, Sammy’s offers that relaxed, family-owned atmosphere that a chain simply cannot copy.

The menus have a personal message signed “Joe and Rose,” and there are lollipops served with the bill, something very family indeed. The doorway is lined with toy cars and toy machines, and you can watch your pizza being made from the window outside or from the tables inside. Drinks are served in Mason jars.

Sammy’s does not go out of its way to be flashy or showy. Though the booths are often surrounded by smoke, somehow that adds to the experience rather than detracting from it. There is a television constantly on, the radio plays classic rock, and there is a bowling arcade game central to the room.

The service is good, but not irritating and fake in its goodness. No one at Sammy’s acts like they are trying to impress you for a tip, instead they let their food do plenty of impressing on its own.

Walking distance—NO
Address—253 W. Northland Ave.