Athletes of the Week

Jeanelle Adams

Jim Breen: Men’s GolfWhat is your favorite course to play on?
My favorite course I have ever played is The Straits Course at Whistling Straits. I was lucky enough to score free passes to play on a course that would normally cost over $300 to play. It was amazing to play and walk on the same course that professional golfers like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson competed on just a couple years ago.
It is also right on Lake Michigan and is one of the most beautiful courses I have ever played on. The sheer difficulty of the course is amazing, but I have never felt more at peace that I did that day surrounded by the lake and the golf course.

Would you rather putt or drive the ball?
Drive the golf ball. You can mishit a drive and still recover on a hole. Putting can be extremely frustrating, and you can easily throw away a solid round on a single green.

Who is your favorite professional golfer?
Jim Furyk is my favorite golfer. The only swing coach he has ever had in his life is his father. Furyk has a very unorthodox swing and is by no means “traditional.” Many folks have tried to change it, but his father convinced him to trust his natural swing. He has been a Top 10 player in the world for multiple years now, so I’d say that has gone pretty well.

What is your favorite golf club to use?
For some reason, I love hitting a pitching wedge. It is an odd club to favor, but I always feel like I can stick a shot whenever I have a wedge in my hands. It is more comfort than anything.

How long have you been golfing? What got you started in the sport?
I have golfed ever since I was 10 years old. My father and my grandpa taught me how to play, and I have always wanted to make them proud whenever I step on a golf course. Unfortunately, my grandpa has been quite sick for the last few years and has never been able to witness me playing college golf. That has always been my biggest regret. Now, I just play like he is always watching. I would like to think that my father and grandpa are both proud of me.

Wes Otte: Men’s Baseball

As the end of the season gets closer, what are the team’s goals? What are your personal goals?
For the team, we look to improve and compete every time we take the field. This season Coach Anderson came in with a different mindset than in my previous season. Since the start, he has preached that we are going to make the conference tournament, and we are in the hunt right now. As far as personal goals, I just try to improve every day and just become a more complete player.

What has been your best memory of the season?
My best memory of this season would be our hotel room in Florida with Frankie, Penza and Bohling when we combined our beds to make one big bed. If you have never combined beds before I suggest that you try it.

Describe the best defensive play you have ever made.
My best defensive play was when I robbed a home run in high school. I actually think that taking away a home run is more thrilling than hitting a home run.

What is your favorite post-game meal?
My favorite post game meal would have to consist of a snickers bar, red vines and a kiss from my mom.

Which is your favorite professional baseball team?
The Florida Marlins, because I am a huge fan of Hanley Ramirez and watching the game on TV and seeing the warm weather always makes me happy.