TV is the answer:

Beth Carpenter

As the finale of “America’s Next Top Model” approaches, I think it’s important to examine our final four contestants, using a carefully honed technique known as “Tyra-vision.” The final four are Nicole, Erin, Laura and Jennifer. If we’re going by names alone, none of them deserve to win, especially when we have had such previous winners as Teyona, Saleisha and CariDee. But there are other factors at play besides their first names – let’s look at them more closely, shall we?
Nicole is 18 years old from Colorado. She claims that she brings a wheelbarrow to school instead of a backpack and doesn’t understand why that’s strange. She also gives the impression that she’s asleep while talking. Her bland speech has been commented on more than once by the judges. However, Tyra and friends love her photographs, consistently saying she models from H2T – that’s head-to-toe for you non-ANTM addicts. Tyra does like to cater to the offbeat character every once in a while, but we had a weird girl in the final pair last time, so I’m not sure what Nicole’s odds are in this competition.
Jennifer is 23 years old and is from Pennsylvania. She has taken mediocre pictures that garner large amounts of praise from the judges, which leads me to think that she might be set up to be the winner of this cycle. Her personality strikes me as someone I could actually meet in real life and want to have a conversation with. Also, maybe it’s just because she’s so short that the judges harp on that instead, but her age hasn’t played into the competition at all, and usually girls who are over 22 get yelled at for succumbing to Mother Nature. So my odds are on Jen for the win.
Erin is another 18 year old, and boy, can you tell. She whines a lot, and after winning a helicopter ride over Hawaii, stated that she wished she’d won jewelry instead. This is a sentiment I can understand, but I suppose she doesn’t realize it comes off as sounding like a spoiled brat on national television. She takes decent pictures, but has been in the bottom two a lot recently, something Tyra has lectured her for. I don’t see her making it into the final two at this rate.
Laura is 19 and is from Kentucky, and she is far and away my favorite contestant. I might go so far as to say that she is my favorite contestant since Kahlen of cycle four. She is the happiest person I have ever seen on television, and her bubbly and effervescent nature usually translates well into photos. I hope she makes it into the final two, but her thick Southern accent and homemade clothes might keep her success from being fully realized.
The finale of ANTM, which always includes a scary visit from Seventeen magazine editor Ann Shoket as well as a ridiculous – and probably fake – runway show, airs Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. on the CW.