SOUP denied further funds at LUCC meeting

Brian Zaander

LUCC denied further funding for SOUP at their Nov. 1 meeting in addition to approving a new campus organization and modifying the Judicial Board constitution. The first topic debated was the decision of allocating an extra $7,500 to the campus organization SOUP, which brings all types of entertainment to the campus for the enjoyment of the students. Third term last school year, LUCC allocated $31,000 for SOUP to spend booking many different types of entertainment. These bookings were scheduled to take place during the current school year.

Shortly after the allocation, SOUP used its funding at a convention where the group had the opportunity to book acts with other regional organizations. This allowed SOUP to book acts for a much lower cost.

During the middle of third term last year, after the convention and booking of entertainment, SOUP distributed a survey to the student body. This survey was administered in hopes of gaining the knowledge of how to improve the amount and types of entertainment that SOUP brings to campus. From these surveys SOUP determined that students wanted more comical and novelty acts as well as student performances. SOUP requested the extra $7,500 of funding in order to book more of these types of entertainment.

LUCC made the decision not to allocate any additional funding to SOUP, which would be used for booking entertainment during this school year. The council felt that the amount of entertainment SOUP is bringing to campus this year is enough for the student body. LUCC also felt that SOUP should have distributed their surveys before booking entertainment. The committee discussed that funding is already tight for LUCC this year, and that the allocation of further funds would be nearly impossible.

In a shorter discussion, LUCC approved the recognition of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. According to representatives of the organization, FCA is an organization devoted to using the word of God in a team environment. They said that their organization differs from other Christian organizations in the use of their “team” environment.

The last topic addressed was a proposed change in the legislation of the Judicial Board constitution. Before the change was ratified section IV D., subsection 2.03 read, “Members of the Lawrence University Community will not engage in intimidation of another through physical, mental, or emotional means.” Members of the Judicial Board did not feel that this law was worded correctly. The law now reads, “Members of the Lawrence University Community will not engage in intimidation and/or harassment of another through physical, mental, or emotional means.” This new revision allows the Judicial Board to take action on a wider amount of inappropriate behavior.