Lawrence Alumni Association Board Meeting held Nov. 6-8

Paul Stevens

Last weekend, Nov. 6-8, was
the annual Lawrence University
Alumni Association board meeting,
made up of alumni from both
Lawrence and Milwaukee-Downer
College. The board of directors of
the LUAA is divided into five committees:
Networking, Admissions,
Nominations and Awards,
Community Engagement and Student
Notable updates and decisions
include the following: Student
Relations will be matching students
with alumni by areas of interest in
the spring, Community Engagement
reviewed Class of ’65 applications
and now is seeking further applications,
and Admissions developed
ways for alumni to help and reach
both international and domestic
applicants, through programs like
Adopt a High School and Staff a
College Fair.
Additionally, with the “More
Light” campaign entering its latter
phases, focus will now be shifted
toward academics and scholarships.
Upgrades to the Lawrence Web site,
including videos and recent connections
to YouTube, Facebook and
Twitter, aim to attract students. The
new Lawrence Scholars in Business
Program was also discussed.
Although the storm of the economic
recession may have hurt the
university’s endowment, the campus
enter is completely paid for, as
are renovations to the chapel and
Memorial Hall. A large part of this
support came from The Lawrence
Fund and the operating budget of
Lawrence, supported directly by the
alumni gifts.