Annie Kaiser LUCC VP Statement -mts

Maureen Darras

My name is Annie Kaiser, and I welcome the opportunity to proudly serve and take the leadership position of vice president at Lawrence University.
Vice president is the perfect position for my skills and interests; as a student who has been involved in a plethora of clubs ranging from LUCC to the Lawrence Fund to the Lawrence University Investment Club Initiative, I understand the benefits of a co-curricular lifestyle that enhances learning while establishing friendships.
My club participation coupled with a previous tenure on the Finance Committee provide me the perfect background to lead the meetings with a sense of preparation and empathy for the process.
I returned to Lawrence this fall after spending a year at Claremount McKenna College, in Claremount, California. With the experience of two approaches to a liberal arts education, I can confidently assert that Lawrence harbors a unique community where every individual and interest is considered.
As vice president, I will continue to fairly recognize each student’s interests in LUCC and Finance Committee meetings. Those who know me understand that I am extremely motivated and excited to accomplish new goals. I will never be afraid to speak my mind, and in this position I will commit to continuing Lawrence University’s tradition of strong student leadership.
My solutions to issues are pragmatic and simple. I am able to achieve results because I am willing to say things how they are. I lead because I work the hardest and honest in my work. Honesty and dignity in any position are the values I value the most.