Ellie Crean LUCC VP Statement -mts

Maureen Darras

I believe that I am the most qualified candidate for the position of vice president, as I have been serving in this position since spring term of 2009. As vice president I have helped to make financial processes more easily understood by the student body, and have helped to create a new level of transparency and accountability within the organization as a whole. Having served as the vice president, I have experience in managing a $300,000+ budget, holding finance hearings, writing financial legislation and meeting with individuals to discuss student organization finance questions. I intend to use the knowledge that I have gained as vice president to better serve the Lawrence community. It is important to me that LUCC continue to improve its relationship with students and faculty so that we may better serve their needs. If I am elected, I hope to continue to bridge the gap between LUCC and the Lawrence community through keeping the organization accessible and accountable to the student body.