What’s on Your iPod: DJ Brengle

Cynthia Drake

1. “Bearforce one,” Bearforce 1
What could be better than four gay bears from Holland singing?! Nothing, I tell you.2. “The Sailor Song,” Toy Box
This is a shout out to April West! This song is really middle school, but whatever, it’s awesome and about sailors.

3. “The Alphabet Song,” The Three Stooges
With a family with three obnoxious boys, my parents never took us to church. So on Sundays we stayed home and would watch the Three Stooges. I think that explains a lot.

4. “Robot,” t.A.T.u
This is a song about loving a robot. I love robots, and fake lesbians, so this song is really a win-win.

5. “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” Taco
I know when I’m blue, putting on the Ritz always makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER!!! While this song might make you drive off the road if you are listening to it in the car, it’s pretty jazzy nonetheless.

6. “Death by Chocolate,” Sia
What a way to go!

7. “Rocketship,” Shiny Toy Guns
This is a random song about Rocketships. Every year a rocket has been on my Christmas List, and every year “Santa” forgets to bring it. I’m a huge fan of rocketships!

8. “Happy Day,” Yumm Yumm
This is nauseating and really annoying Swedish bubblegum pop. It’s terrible, but I can’t get enough. Just hook it into my veins.

9. “Less talk More Rokk,” Freezepop
I think the title of the song speaks for itself.

10. “Live Forever,” Magnus Carlsson
This Song is just amazing. It’s pop-y, obnoxious, I’m sure at some point involves red spandex. It really just sums up my personality quite nicely.