All-MWC athletes

Andy York

The Vikings had several athletes make the All-MWC Teams in their various sports this fall. These teams were announced in the last few weeks, and here is a listing of the sports and our All-MWC athletes
2nd team: Tyler Krzewina
Honorable Mention: Adrell Bullock, Nick Korn, Nate SemenakMen’s soccer
1st team: Rodrigo Gomes, Chris Salvati
2nd team: Ryan Pikna, Brett Suhayda, Matt Wolin

Women’s soccer
1st team: Candace Gangl, Greta Raaen
2nd team: Emily Cain, Jaime Nodarse

2nd team: Kelly Mulcahy

Cross country
Cate Frazier, Colleen Detjens, Rachel Lucas, Kelly Scheer, Paul Schonfeld