What do you DO all day? -dlh

Betsy Winter

When you walked into Downer for the first time this term, I’m sure you noticed a change in the lobby. If you reacted the way I did, it totally threw you off. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the person swiping our cards.
Hilda. We all know her, we all love her. She’s been here at Lawrence for 14 years. Originally from Poland, Hilda first came to Lawrence with her daughter. They were in the business office taking care of tuition when someone said something about a job application. Hilda asked for one. Though she thought she’d be good at a library job, Hilda applied for the food services job. They called her back and, fortunately for us, she’s been here, at her first American job, ever since. Hilda now lives in Kaukauna, about nine miles from Appleton, where Hilda’s daughter works.
Hilda works during the week and every other weekend. On average she gets about 200-250 students in for breakfast. Of course, some eat at Lucy’s, the grill, or in their room. If you skip breakfast, Hilda doesn’t blame you for sleeping in. Especially since a lot more students roll in for lunch! And now that Lucinda’s isn’t serving dinner, most students come and see Hilda.
I’m sure if you ask anyone who works here at Lawrence what they like most about their job, almost all of them will say the students. Hilda is no exception. She enjoys seeing a lot of students daily and she thinks we’re so nice! And we all love to see a smiling face before we go stuff ours.
If you haven’t visited Downer yet this term, go and see what Hilda got for Christmas: a new scanner to scan our cards! This one is smaller. This one is faster. This one should help reduce that incredibly long line at lunchtime on freshman studies days.