Athletes of the week

Alyssa Onan

(Hannah Gabriel)

Jon Mays: Men’s basketballWould you rather make a three-pointer or make a shot, get fouled and go to the line for the third point?
I would rather get fouled and shoot a free throw for the conventional three-point play. It’s much more demoralizing for the other team to know that they had to foul you and they still couldn’t stop you. Plus, I’m an old-school player, and back in the day there was no three-point line.
What winter break training trip was your favorite? Why?
My favorite trip was going to Bj”rklunden with the team this past winter break. A freshman on our team, Adam Breseman, lives on the Bj”rklunden property, so we all went to his house and in his hot tub and really grew closer to each other.
What were your goals coming into your senior season? How have you worked to accomplish them and what will you do the rest of the season?
My goal coming into the season was to host the conference tourney and win it in front of all our great fans. We are currently tied for first in the conference, so that goal is definitely still in our sights. We have really played well as a team and had a lot of guys step up to get to the top of the conference.
Do you have any pre-game routines that you can’t go without doing?
I always put my left sock on and then my right, and same with my shoes. Then during warm-ups, I have to touch the half-court line every time after I shoot a lay-up, as well as give Wilty [fan Andrew Wilt] a high five. I’m not superstitious, but I am a little ‘stitious.
Do you prefer watching college basketball or NBA?
I prefer watching college basketball because the players seem to care so much more about every game. Also, March Madness is by far the best time of the year. I look forward to the first round of the NCAA tournament like little kids look forward to Christmas.

Hannah Gabriel: Swimming

What is your favorite event? Why?
My favorite event is the 200 freestyle because it is a challenging distance to swim. It’s not considered a sprint and it’s not a distance event.
Would you rather swim an individual event or a relay?
I enjoy swimming on relays because having three other girls in the event with me gives me extra pressure to swim fast.
How is college swimming different than high school?
College swimming has a much longer season than high school swimming. Also, the college workouts are much more intense than the ones in high school.
How do you prepare for a big race?
I try not to get nervous because then I’ll psych myself out. I’ll warm up and stretch before the event to remain loose.
If you could race any professional/famous swimmer, who would it be and why?
Probably Natalie Coughlin because although she is an amazingly fast swimmer, she also seems like she is very nice and I would like to meet her.