The Homecoming Hoedown a campus-wide effort and celebration

Devin Burke

Homecoming, an event sponsored primarily by SOUP, brought together many groups on campus this past week with events and competitions. The events were also sponsored and supported in other ways by Campus Activities, the Alumni Office, IFC, the Classic Film Club, the Dean of Students office, and Pan-Hel. The halls engaged in competitions to bring out unity in each hall, and school spirit was the spoken and unspoken feeling of the week. Alumni were encouraged to come back and participate, particularly with the tailgating event before the football game. There were eight competitive events, and Ormsby was the winning hall in the hall competition. From Tuesday through Saturday, five different events entertained Lawrentians, the most popular by far being the hypnotist Andrew Becker. His show brought a packed crowd of people into Riverview Lounge.

Meaghan Harvey, a member of SOUP and the primary organizer for the week’s events, thought that “people that participated in it had a good time.” She also wanted to thank everyone who helped with it.