Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Jess Moser

Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a national organization that seeks to further the kingdom of God, by providing an opportunity to learn about God and His son, Jesus Christ. FCA targets athletes, coaches, and anyone involved in the support of athletics as a means of reaching groups of people who already share something in common.
Though the national organization targets athletes in particular, FCA, especially on the Lawrence campus, is not exclusive to athletes. All students are welcome, and in the past, the group has been composed of students and faculty who have a wide variety of beliefs and interests and attend to celebrate, learn, explore their curiosity, and increase their knowledge of God.
FCA is student-led, and we plan around the needs and desires of the group. We welcome input from members and seek to make the group what everyone wants it to be. In the last few years, FCA has met once a week for a time of praise and worship, prayer, and a discussion, speaker, or other activity. We have had the opportunity to welcome some wonderful speakers and meet with other groups from different universities.
We look forward to seeing how God will work in this group this year. We are interested in exploring more outreach opportunities and service projects, on and off campus. We are also looking forward to working in conjunction with other organizations and doing different activities in our weekly meetings.
We encourage you to drop by if you are looking for fellowship with other Christians or if you are curious about God: His existence, His role in your life, or anything else. FCA provides an environment for students to explore and deepen their faith and understanding of God through interaction with other students. We invite you to come and explore the ways in which God is alive and working on this campus!