Improv Troupe

Zach Johnson

LUIT is the abbreviation for the Lawrence University Improvisational Troupe, the comedy theater group started this year by Zachary Johnson.
LUIT is a ten member troupe that will be seen on various venues on campus, including Cloak Theater, the Coffeehouse, and the Theatre House, among others. We do improvisational work and will be experimenting with scripted-skit material, similar in style to Saturday Night Live. Primarily, though, we reflect the improvisational standards held by Comedy Sportz and traditional improv groups.
We are uncensored on most occasions and anything can happen in our shows. We rely on audience participation and the audience should expect to be a part of the fun at our shows.
To receive further info on how you can be involved with LUIT, please contact founder Zachary Johnson at Be sure to catch one of our many shows this year. It’s guaranteed fun!