Swing Dancers

Chris Bowman

Lawrence Swing Dancers (L.S.D.?) was founded in 1998 by a few people who were disappointed that Lawrence did not have a Swing Dance Group. Within five years, the group grew from the two original founders to being one of the largest student organizations on campus, with over 230 people on the mailing list last year.
The group meets roughly once a week in Riverview Lounge in the Union for music and dancing. Worried your moves aren’t up to shape? L.S.D. provides free instruction in areas such as East Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, and (later in the year) some Aerials.
The Swing Dancers have also hosted dances on campus, taught at area middle schools, organized a trip to Bjorklunden and have performed in the end of the year Melee Dance Performance.
Check the “This Week,” visit www.lawrence.edu/sorg/luswing, or contact Chris Bowman (501 Kohler, x 7548) or Libby Hermanson (409 Colman, x 7467) for more information.