LU Democrats

Andy York

LU College Democrats.The Lawrence University College Democrats is an organization that informs the LU campus about the Democratic Party ideals, and works to get local and national democratic politicians elected.
The LU College Democrats were very influential in getting the first democratic governor in 16 years elected in Wisconsin in 2002, and have our eyes set on the White House in 2004.
We will be bringing in several Lawrence alumni who are now influential in Wisconsin politics, and will be having forums and information sessions. The goal of the LU College democrats is to better inform the LU campus and the surrounding Appleton area about the ideals of the Democratic Party.
We welcome any students who are willing to be involved and who want to learn more about the Democratic Party. You do not need to be a democrat to join. For more information e-mail president Andy York at (in London first term) or vice president and first term acting president Peter Iversen at