Monday, students enjoyed a break from classes in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Many students decided to turn this “day off” into a “day on” by attending volunteer activities organized by the volunteer center.
We were happy to see a well-run and well-attended volunteer fair, held on that same Monday, with tables set up by both on- and off-campus organizations. The fair advertised volunteer opportunities and allowed students to establish connections with volunteer groups. We hope that this fair helped reignite interest and involvement with the volunteer center after a noted decrease in volunteer activity among Lawrentians first term.
We hope that while students contemplate plans for the summer and winter breaks they consider going to the volunteer center. While many people know of its resources in regard to setting students up with internships, the volunteer center also provides funding for students to spend the summer through the Summer Volunteer Opportunity Grant. As we mentioned in last week’s staff editorial, the volunteer center has also started working to provide students with internship opportunities over the long winter break.
Volunteering in our community should be a priority for every student. Though we have many weeks of winter ahead of us, the staff of The Lawrentian urges students to brave the cold and venture into the wider Appleton community. The volunteer center is one of our campus’s most treasured resources, and we encourage students to utilize it to the best of their abilities.