The Lawrentian

Jessie Augustyn

Are you interested in journalism but don’t think that your Major British Writers II class will quite show you the ins and outs of the trade? Then you should consider working on The Lawrentian, Lawrence University’s student newspaper since 1884.
The Lawrentian offers unique opportunities for students to help on virtually every aspect of running a newspaper. We are always looking for new writers, photographers, copy editors, and lay out staff.
We are a weekly paper, usually printing eight or twelve pages. There are eight regular issues a term and we do not publish during tenth or finals weeks.
Assignments are usually given Thursday night or Friday morning and are due either Monday or Tuesday.
If you are interested in working on the newspaper, please e-mail us with your name and contact information, as well as what you are interested in at, or call X6768 and ask for Jessie or Ray. You can also stop by our table at the activities fair.