In other news…

– The death toll from last
Tuesday’s earthquake has
risen to 70,000, about a third
of the estimated final count.
Authorities have buried the
bodies, but they have encountered
problems with identifying
the dead and burial in
mass graves. The U.N. estimates
that three million people
are in need of food, water,
shelter and medical help.
APPOMATTOX, Va. – A single
gunman killed or injured
a number of people around
noon Tuesday. An injured
man found on a rural road
spurred authorities to call in
more police from throughout
the state. The additional
forces helped to contain the
shooter within a specific area
and to evacuate other residents.
BOSTON – Tuesday, Scott
Brown, a Republican state
senator, was elected to the
Senate to fill the seat held by
Democrat Ted Kennedy for
nearly 50 years. Brown defeated
the favored Democratic
candidate Martha Coakley, the
state’s attorney general, with
52 percent of the vote to her
47 percent.