Board of Trustees concludes first meeting of academic year

Tammy Tran

During the week of Oct. 25, the Lawrence University Board of Trustees met for the first time this school year. The trustees meet once per term for a total of three times each academic year. The board’s executive committee also meets an additional time during the summer.
The Board of Trustees serves as Lawrence University’s governing body, establishing strategic directions for the President and council to execute. According to Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students Nancy Truesdell, the Board of Trustees meets to “talk about the financial resources, admissions recruitment and retention of students.”
Harry Kraemer ’77 has been the chairman of the board for the past three years. According to Kraemer, “The Board of Trustees consists of 30 members, most of which are alumni. All those on the board are people who care deeply about the university.”
Kraemer ended his three-year term after last week’s meeting. Starting Jan. 1, Terry Frankey will begin his term as the board’s next chairman.
Kraemer stated, “Overall we had a very successful meeting. We discussed strategic planning on how we can take what is today a strong liberal arts college and make it more distinguished.”
Specifically, the board discussed Lawrence’s current status and progress in the More Light! Campaign. The board has been actively involved with the More Light! Campaign, the goal of which is to raise $150 million.
“The purpose of the campaign,” said Kraemer, “is to raise additional funds for higher faculty salary, more course offerings and potentially more classes. All fundraising is done to support students.”
Additionally, the Board established potential future trustees. This was an important topic of discussion, as it will ensure that there will be a good number of diverse and qualified trustees present at each gathering.
The Board of Trustees also met with the Trustee Committee on Student Affairs. This committee consists of the LUCC President and Vice President as well as five other appointed students. The purpose of the committee is to give trustees the opportunity to interact with Lawrence students.
During this term’s meeting, the topic of discussion was the 2010-2011 year’s theme, “Innovation Through Collaboration.” Students gave presentations on innovative collaborations happening around campus and in the Appleton community, including the temporary art gallery in Downer Commons, the Pop-Up Gallery project off campus and the Environmental Initiative Grant.
LUCC Vice President, Ellie Crean ’11, gave a short presentation to the Board of Trustees about how the Environmental Initiative Grant allocated funds in the past year for environmental projects on campus.
“Generally the trustees want to know what is going on on campus and that’s one of the more exciting things LUCC has been working on,” said Crean. “The Board of Trustees really do[es] as much as they can, try to get input. It’s really a genuine group of people that make up this committee. They really care about what we have to say and are really invested. They are always just amazed by what students are doing and they really want that message to be sent back to the students.”
Truesdell explained, “Hearing from students and what they think is important is really essential. The Trustee Committee on Student Affairs is another example of the ways students are directly involved in what goes on at the college. I’m glad that LUCC and student appointments from LUCC take this seriously and take advantage of this opportunity to talk the Board of Trustees. That’s not done on all campuses and so that’s a sign that the student’s voice is really valued at Lawrence.”
Although not every student has the opportunity to speak with the Board of Trustees, all members of the Lawrence community are encouraged to let their voice be heard.
“You can talk to an LUCC representative,” explained Crean. “We have 14 of them throughout the various districts. You can also email We’re always looking for people to be on committees and give us suggestions and feedback. We absolutely welcome any and all suggestions; we will listen to everyone.