Ramble on the roof

Torrin Thatcher

As there was definitely a
lengthy break from classes this
past weekend, I spent it primarily
… surprise! … watching sports.
Being a member of Sigma Phi
Epsilon, I was worried that being
one of the “six-men” to monitor
the party would mess up my plan
to watch sports all day.
I made a comment to one of the
guys that my space to survey will
be the living room as that would
utilize my best abilities: conversation,
watching sports, and taking
alcohol away from people. The last
one I enjoy a little too much as I
like to enforce my power, but who
is going to argue with me – someone
that doesn’t live in the house?
My point exactly.
Anyway, during the party
Friday night, I was able to reside
on the couch, chitchat with folks,
and watch Jamal Crawford drop
a bomb from deep at the horn to
complete a great comeback against
the Suns. It was fantabulous.
When that game was over, I
switched over to watch the Bucks
playing out in Oakland and was
pleased when the Bucks got the
victory even though Brandon
Jennings “failed” to collect 55
points again.
Once that horn blew, I switched
over to another game on ESPN, and
you know what? I cannot remember
who played. Does that show
game-watching fatigue? Maybe. I
could probably look it up online
to see who played to make it seem
like I didn’t forget, but that would
be lying to you, my loyal readers. I
wouldn’t want to do that.
Bedtime was late that night
because of the party, but it needed
to be an early Saturday because
college ball tipped off before noon,
and I needed to run some errands
around Grand Chute.
By the time the errands were
done, I went against my laws of
nature and missed a few of the
games. Don’t worry, though. As I’m
finally out of the Stone Age and
have the Internet on my phone, I
kept myself updated on the scores.
I made it back in time to grab some
grub and watch the Cardinals-
Saints pregame in its entirety.
After the Cardinals-Saints
game was completed, once again
being a member of SigEp forced
me to break from my routine.
We had to partake in some broish
activities that interfered with
the Badgers-Buckeyes and Ravens-
Colts games.
Around 9:00 p.m., I headed
over to Kimberly in my car to
attend Greek bowling night. It was
a good time full of stretchers,
balls, pizza and watching the game
on the television. It was a good
night. Only one more day to get
Sunday was my most-anticipated
day as the ‘Boys and Vikes
rectangled off in Minnesota, the
Wildcats and Hoyas played some
hoops, and the Jets flew to San
Diego. To sum up my afternoon:
Favre was awesome, Romo was
not, Scottie Reynolds did what he
usually does, the Chargers shortcircuited,
and Jimmy Leonhard
was awesome, as usual.
I needed to grab some grub
and refuel before watching the
Nuggets’ Carmelo lay it down
smooth at home versus the Jazz.
This brought an end to my weekend
… right? Should get some work
done … right? Right?
As Lee Corso would say,
“Not so fast, my friend.” I did
get some immunology homework
done, but then an MLK Day full
of basketball reeled me into its
trap. I watched the Bucks fizzle
against the Rockets, the Grizzlies
protect their home from the Suns,
a German Maverick pouring it in
at the Celtics’ place, the Wildcats
outrunning the Longhorns and
Shannon Brown playing mystically
at home with the Magic.
The last game ended just after
midnight, so let’s just say that I
probably watched enough hoops in
one day to satisfy most people for
a good while, but it was just one of
those days.
Speaking of one of those days,
I have a midterm Monday. Do
professors not realize the NFC
and AFC championship games, as
well as the Badgers game, are on
Sunday? The rough life of a sports
fan. Also, I was glad my girlfriend
was able to come up and enjoy
the majority of this weekend with
me, even if she did have to live
the rougher life of a girlfriend of
a fanatic.