Sports trivia

Andy King and Greg Peterson

In August 1986, the Chicago Bears defeated the Dallas Cowboys in a game played at what unusual site?
Old Wembley Stadium. The (European) football stadium in London was the home of the English national squad from its construction
in 1923 until 2000. The Jim McMahon-quarterbacked Bears beat the Cowboys 17-6 in the first “American Bowl” held on British soil.
Which of the following NHL players was not a part of the “Legion of Doom” line for the Philadelphia Flyers during the 1990s? John LeClair,
Eric Lindros, Mark Recchi or Mikail Renberg?

Mark Recchi. During the 1994-95 season, the Flyers traded Recchi to Montreal for John LeClair, Éric Desjardins, and Gilbert Dionne. LeClair went on to join center Lindros
and right wing Renberg on the so-called “Legion of Doom” line, which would notch 80 goals and 96 assists as the Flyers won their first division title in eight years.
For how many different teams has English soccer star David Beckham played senior club football?
Five. The England international went through the youth system at Manchester United, and, after making his senior debut, would tally a total of 265 appearances and 62
goals for the Red Devils. He left Old Trafford for Real Madrid of Spain in 2003, but he was traded four years later to Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Galaxy. Currently,
he is on loan to AC Milan in Italy. The fifth uniform Beckham has worn is that of Preston North End, where he played on loan from United for a brief period in 1995.
Which collegiate team has won the most national championships since American collegiate football began in 1869?
Princeton. According to the College Football Data Warehouse, the Tigers’ 26 titles put them far ahead of No. 2 Yale’s 18 championships. However, Princeton has zero
titles since World War II, and some of the national championships seem less than “national” – for instance, the national champion 1873 Tigers finished with an overall
season record of 1-0. Since the advent of the AP poll in 1936, Notre Dame and Alabama have won eight championships each, leaving them tied for first in front of the
seven championships each of Oklahoma and USC.