From our kitchen to yours

Anneliese Abney

If your ninth week is anything like mine has been, you’re probably craving all manner of comfort foods right about now. I don’t know about you, but breakfast is my comfort meal of choice. Granola, scones, muffins, eggs… if it’s a breakfast food, I’m going to want it. And my absolute favorite breakfast treat is French toast. Something about the bread-and-egg combination just really hits the spot for me. So, in honor of all the stressful ninth weeks we’ve just completed, and the stressful couple weeks that lie ahead, here is my personal French toast philosophy.What you need:
4 eggs
About 1/2 cup milk (because I’m mildly lactose intolerant, I’ll often use less milk or substitute goat’s milk)
1/2 cup plain low-fat yogurt
Dash of nutmeg
Pinch of orange zest
Some day-old bread, sliced (my personal favorite is challah)

What to do:
In a bowl, beat together eggs, milk and yogurt.
Add the spices and stir until well mixed.
As you heat up a pan and melt some butter over medium heat, soak your first slices of bread in the egg mixture.
When the pan is hot and your butter melted, place the soaked bread in the pan and fry each side until a nice golden brown.
In the meantime, soak up the next slices of bread, so you can get a smooth system going.
Eat your toast immediately and voraciously, with any topping your heart desires – some ideas include the classic maple syrup, or maybe some jam or apple sauce or a nice fruit salad.
Should you be craving a savory treat instead, leave out the cinnamon, nutmeg and orange zest, add a pinch of salt and your toast is ready to be enjoyed with some melted cheese or a side of grilled vegetables.

Serves about 4 or 5.
Guten Appetit!