Bon Appétit continues to encourage student feedback

Maija Anstine

As the end of fall term approaches, Bon Appétit will be asking for student suggestions on how to improve their services.
Starting next week, students will be able to write their comments on large rolls of paper in front of Kaplan’s Grill and Kate’s Corner Store.
Over the past year, student comments have led to implemented changes. Vegan desserts, as well as gluten-free muffins and cookies, are more readily available now thanks to student suggestions, noted Bon Appétit General Manager Julie Severance.
Student comments have also led to efforts to be more sustainable. “Students, as they should, are always challenging us to become more green,” Severance explained.
These comments, along with collaborative efforts with the Green Roots initiative, have led to the use of wooden silverware in Kaplan’s Grill. The incentive program for eco containers gives students who use these containers 25 cents off of their purchase of an entrée as part of Bon Appétit’s encouragement of sustainable practices.
Campus Center Director Greg Griffin feels that Bon Appétit pays careful attention to student comments. “Time and time again they have instituted changes [that] students, faculty or staff have suggested,” Griffin said.
Griffin noted some other efforts Bon Appétit has made to be more green, such as the effort to use china and real silverware in place of disposable Styrofoam containers and plastic cups, and a January “use your travel mug” incentive program.
Bon Appétit is also making an effort to sign up more local farmers to be part of their vendor team. “Our goal is to source 20 percent of our food locally,” said Severance.
Bon Appétit strongly encourages students to make their wishes known. “We read all of the comment cards and post responses to them outside of Andrew Commons,” said Severance. “We can most often make adjustments/corrections immediately and solve any problems.” The proof is in the gluten-free pudding.