Sports Trivia

Matt Hoh

1. Cricket involves hitting a ball with a bat made of several types of wood.
2. The person who is trying to hit the ball is referred to as the hitter.
3. More than 100 countries play the game worldwide that are affiliated with the International Cricket Conference.
4. The name of the person in cricket who throws the ball is called the bowler.
5. A cricket ball is entirely comprised of leather.Answers:
1. True. The sport uses a bat that is comprised of willow and often contains a handle made of string or rubber for a grip.
2. False. The actual term used to describe the person hitting the ball is the “batsman.”
3. True. Most countries play cricket. Of the International Cricket Conference, there are 10 full-playing test members and 33 associate members, with the balance consisting of affiliate members.
4. True. “Bowler” is the name of the person who is responsible for throwing the cricket ball in a game.
5. False. A cricket ball is actually made up of a small rubber ball covered with string that is wrapped thousands of times around and then finally covered with four patches of leather that are stitched together.