WLFM has fresh faces and new music

Olivia Hendricks

WLFM, Lawrence University’s student radio station, is nothing like a broken record this year. With over half of the managerial staff new to their positions, the station is sure to be broadcasting some new sounds as well as trying out some new concepts.
The Lawrentian sat down with station manager Willie Bauer and Top 200 director Rob Gray to get an idea of what listeners should be expecting over the next few months.Lawrentian: How is it going with over half of the managerial staff being new?
Willie: The new directors who have stepped in have been doing really well, and the freshman DJs have really impressed me.
Lawrentian: What do you like about your new position?
Rob: It’s a really fun job. I get to listen to music and have an influence on what other people are going to listen to. The management side of it reignited my love of WLFM.
Lawrentian: What are your personal goals for the year?
Rob: I’m mainly just trying to put out the best selection of alternative and Indie music for the DJs to play and make sure Lawrence is represented on a national scale.
Willie: I want to work on getting a bigger fan base and to resume play in The Grill.
Lawrentian: Does the station play in The Grill right now?
Willie: It can work, but we have to figure out the scheduling. It should be broadcasting, ideally, by next term.
Lawrentian: How else can Lawrence students listen to WLFM?
Rob: All they have to do is go to the WLFM website [WLFM.net] and click on the button there that reads “listen” and it loads into a media player, like iTunes, for free.
Lawrentian: For new listeners, what specific programs do you recommend they try first?
Willie: Lawrence Late is a classic fixture program with Drew Baumgartner [airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m.] and In a Tiny Canoe [airs Tuesdays at 6 p.m.]. These are the two longest running shows, but they should try out everything.
Lawrentian: What kind of programming should listeners expect as the year goes on?
Willie: We’ll be broadcasting the basketball games and mostly sticking to our current shows. Right now our goals are mostly based on bringing bands in.

For a more complete program schedule, contact information or to tune in to WLFM, visit WLFM.net.