Hope, Faith, and LOVE


To me, faith is not so much a matter of heavy debate, theological proofs, or deep philosophical discussion.
It is a hope, and a dream, that permeates every aspect of my life.
I believe that God can be found every day, in everything good and beautiful.
I see the beauty of God in an amazing sunset,
I hear God’s harmony when I perform a sonata or listen to a symphony,
I see God’s tender care when I see a mother hugging her precious child.
I remember God’s grace when I see friends talking and laughing over pizza.
I feel God rejoicing in the excitement of a first kiss or the warmth of an embrace.
We can all experience the creative energy of God’s by composing new music, writing our own stories, painting and drawing the world around us, and creating new life in our own children.
I wonder at God’s miracle of reconciliation as I pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
I relax in God’s presence when I come home to the love of family and old friends.
The comfort of mom’s cooking, dad’s laughter, the affectionate antics of my beagles, and the relentless teasing from my brothers, remind me that God knows what makes each one of us happiest and He delights in bringing us joy.
I rejoice in God’s wonders when I walk along the sparkling green ocean, surrounded by sand and delicate seashells.
I seek the image of God in every person, of every nation and every culture.
The power of the Messiah’s resurrection (Jesus coming back from the dead) is revealed whenever we bounce back from defeat and reach a higher victory. It happened when Paul Hamm fell down but went on to a win gold medal; when the Red Sox won the world series after decades of failure; when a musician loses an audition but never gives up, and ends up growing into a world class performer.
Every time we share our blessings with someone else, we become more like God, who showers down love and blessings upon us all. This can mean serving meals to the homeless at a soup kitchen, helping a child learn to read, or swiping someone else for a meal when they have run out on the meal plan.
God has provided a fantastic place for us to learn, and the education we receive at Lawrence is truly a blessing.
You don’t have to be a theological genius to find God; you can find God in the classroom, in the library, under a tree on Main hall green, in the practice room, on the stages of Harper, the Chapel, and Stansbury, and even at Downer.
You can bring glory to God by being kind and generous to your roommates, professors, and neighbors, and make His world a better place by striving for excellence in the arts, in scholarship, in performing, and in teaching. Rachel Freedman,
Believer in God’s unconditional love and grace