Chapel to host prestigious choral group

Meghan McCallum

The 2004-2005 Artist Series begins tonight with the performance of the King’s Singers at eight in the Memorial Chapel. In the past, the all-male vocal group’s repertoire has included works from every side of the Western musical universe, from medieval chant to modern folk. These selections were composed by famous names like Luciano Berio and Krystof Penderecki.

The prestigious six-man group started over 30 years ago, and now tours worldwide with a great variety of venues and audiences. Not only have they visited concert halls around the world, but they also performed in the Hollywood Bowl and sung a private concert for the Royal Family in Windsor Castle.

The King’s Singers have also been accompanied by various orchestras and solo artists. They have recorded a Beatles album with the Cincinnati Pops and worked with Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys. They also participate in educational work in the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival.

King’s Singers trivia fact: During performances, each singer wears a different colored lining in his jacket. This is because the group believes that they express all the colors of emotion in song. The colors are magenta, orange, red, yellow, and blue. They refer to this grouping as “The Color of Song.” They also stand in a specific order onstage at each performance.

In 1968, six Choral Scholars from King’s College Cambridge formed the King’s Singers. After becoming popular in the U.K., their fame eventually spread to the rest of the world. Throughout the years, they have maintained a small amount of turnovers – there have only been 19 members in the group’s history.

The group’s discography features over 70 albums, and future recordings are on their way. Their first DVD is presently in the making. Come see the King’s Singers’ performance at 8 p.m. in the Chapel.