LUCC Presidential Candidate Statements

LUCC Candidate for President
Kaleesha RajamantriMy passion for LUCC stems from serving on LUCC for the past two years. My experiences on LUCC’s Steering Committee, General Council, Student Welfare Committee, Residence Life Committee and Trustee Committee on Student Affairs, as well as my experience as vice-president of Lawrence International, are valuable assets to bring to the LUCC presidency. I am always open to different opinions, easy to work with, and diplomatic, all of which are important qualities in a leader.
Furthermore, I am responsible, and good at both delegation and management. I hope to build on the accomplishments of our past administration, publicize LUCC as the students’ voice in the policymaking process, and restructure legislation to be more efficient and effective. I want to see students and faculty more involved and I hope we can work together next year!
Jon Sacks

One of the main challenges facing our campus is an overall lack of respect. The recent thefts, vandalism, homophobia, and general slander of groups on campus are unacceptable and detrimental to the entire community. We need to remember that we all have the same goal of academic and personal excellence, and this goal can only be achieved if we respect and support our fellow students. As president, I plan to develop initiatives that would encourage our diverse community to become more united. By improving overall school spirit, I believe we can create an atmosphere of respect and pride. My leadership experiences in Lawrence athletics, SAAC and Greek Life will allow me to promote the views and desires of the student body successfully. I truly enjoy being a part of the Lawrence community, and I believe that by becoming LUCC president I will have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the community.
Chelsea Wantland

My name is Chelsea Wantland and I am currently a junior Philosophy major with an Ethnic Studies minor. I am running for President of LUCC. I would like to be president because I believe that I am a person that can get things done. I see the potential this university has and the power the students have to make the changes necessary to fulfill that potential. I am hard-working and willing to do what is necessary for our voices to be heard by the administration. As a member of other campus organizations, I realize that this is an extremely time-consuming position, but I know what my priorities are. My priority is leaving this school a better place than when I entered. Lawrence is an amazing institution, but with the right leader and focus it can be phenomenal. It is our duty as students and as members of this community to make our opinions known and fight to create the type of environment we want LU to be. It is our job to make LU fit our expectations. As president of LUCC, I will work diligently to see that LU becomes the university you want it to be.
LUCC Candidate for Vice President
Ellie Crean
As an LUCC representative, I have come to see what the organization can accomplish. I have many valuable experiences and skills to bring to the position of LUCC vice president. I am currently an RLA and a member of the LUCC Finance Committee, and I believe that I work well with others to accomplish common goals. I am organized, enjoy working behind the scenes, and I have solid ideas of what I’d like to see happen in LUCC this coming year. Many students and faculty have a basic idea of what LUCC does, but haven’t realized that it can positively affect life at Lawrence. I hope that this organization can become more accessible and accountable to the students and faculty so that it can better serve the Lawrence community. I hope that through becoming the vice president, I can help LUCC to be responsible and responsive to the ideas of the Lawrence community.
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Saturday, Hiett Hall
Sunday, Ormsby Hall