What’s True in Sports?

Matt Hoh

1. The University of California Santa Cruz has the banana slug as its mascot.
2. Texas Christian University’s mascot is called the horned frog, which is actually a unique type of lizard.
3. The Wonder Boys is the mascot for Arkansas Tech University.
4. Wake Forest’s team mascot is a Tiger.
5. The geoduck is a distinctive mascot for Evergreen State College in Washington.
1. True: A Banana Slug can race 100 yards in a mere two hours. The fearsome slug is known to attack intruders that enter its territory, thus the reason they choose this unique mascot.
2. True: This mascot, which has been around since 1897, is a native lizard known as the “Horned Frog” which has a rudimentary third eye and represents Texas’s state reptile. Native Americans revered frogs and considered them powerful.
3. True: This name was taken from a sportswriter’s 1919 story about the Arkansas football team, which eventually stuck.
4. False: Wake Forest’s original mascot was a tiger, however there was a newspaper editor who coined the name Demon Deacons when describing the basketball teams. This name was adopted.
5. True: Evergreen State is known for its environmental activism, thus they adopted the geoduck. The geoduck is a long-lived, burrowing mollusk. Geoduck meat can sell for up to $30 per pound.