STAFF EDITORIAL: The Lawrentian open to all

We would like to take this opportunity to invite every student to come work for The Lawrentian. Although we can always use good writers, we have plenty of other positions available. Photography, copy editing (proofreading), distributing newspapers, layout, selling ads, and many kinds of writing are all essential parts of the newspaper. You can join any time you are available, and as students ourselves, we realize people have other commitments. If you are interested, you can contact any of the following people (listed in no particular order):

Editor in Chief, Ryan Marx, x7226 general information

Editorials Editor, Jessie Augustyn, x7419 writing editorials

News Manager, Andrew Dolan, x7442 writing news

Layout Editor, Janie Ondracek, x7873 layout and computer information

Features Editor, Devin Burke, x7622 writing features

Art & Entertainment Editor, Rachel Hoerman, x7419 writing arts, music, reviews, etc.

Photo Editor, Quinn Lake, x7868 taking photographs

Copy Chief, Ray Feller, x7868, proofreading

Business Manager, Tim Schmidt, x7623, selling ads, payroll, circulation, etc.