Notes from the Appleton Common Council Meeting of October 3, 2001

Chris Swade

The Appleton Common Council met on Oct. 3 at 7:00 p.m. on the sixth floor of City Hall at 100 North Appleton Street in downtown Appleton, next to the Avenue Mall. The council is made up of 18 Aldermans, Mayor Hanna, the city clerk, and city Attorney. The Common Council discussed and voted on a variety of issues. The Council heard from Keith Kolb, a representative of Baird Financial who reported to the council on the status of $60,400,000 worth of bonds that were sold in order to finance the construction of Appleton’s new water filtration plant. The amount was significantly less than the originally anticipated $62,000,000, due to a decrease in interest rates. The bonds reportedly sold very well in the market, which would indicate a high level of confidence in the new plant, which remains under construction.

The Council passed a “resolution ratifying certain determinations made relating to the water system revenue refunding” 18-0.

The Council passed a resolution to adjust the suspension of the class-B liquor liscense of Touch, Inc. d/b/a Adler Brau located at 1004 S. Olde Oneida St. from Oct. 14 – 24, 2001 to Dec. 23, 2001 – Jan. 2, 2002. The resolution was passed 12-6 after a heated debate in which tempers flared. The adjustment was made in response to a request by Touch, Inc.

Alderman Kalata, the alderman for Lawrence’s district was among the nay votes. Debate circled around the appropriateness of allowing the violator to choose the dates of suspension.

The Council also passed a resolution (#55-R-01/Gosse) 18-0 to adopt a master signage Plan to alert people of the future closing of sidewalks in the College Avenue Reconstruction zone.

Pedestrian traffic will be diverted to the alleys directly behind the buildings on both sides of the College Avenue throughout reconstruction.