Coffee blows

“Fair Trade or not Fair Trade?” that is the question. Well, I have an easy solution, stop drinking coffee. If your so worried about third world countries not being paid appropriate amounts of money for their services, the best thing to do is not buy coffee at all. Help the inflated market for the stuff drop back to respectable levels. Just by buying coffee from them you are promoting the terrible conditions that exist in those places, they are going to continue to try and grow more and more, so they can make enough money to just to live, but that will only inflate the market and make the prices go lower and lower, making it harder and harder for them to live their lives. If these people stop growing coffee, or at least as much as they currently are; then maybe they could move or devout some of their energy into something more profitable. And is it not worth trying it to help these people. All you have to do is not waste your money on buying coffee, it may just help these people and it will make your teeth get whiter, too. Either way, life for these coffee growers has a huge potential improve. So, if you really want to help out, then maybe by stopping drinking that black stuff, you will. Is coffee really that important to your day? Do you really need that caffeine that badly? Start drinking water; its better for you, and it just may help those hard working farmers. ben dictus