The war in Iraq is not over yet

Will Rand

Well, after seeing how easy it is for people to submit letters to the editor, I had decided to write one asking why there seems to be so much tension over this pro-war/anti-war debate, and why we can’t just put it all aside and move on. I mean, come on, the war is essentially over. At least that’s what the pro-war folk have been telling us.

But how wrong those pro-war folk were. Some of you may know that my uncle is currently stationed in Iraq. His unit is also in an area that is still filled with heavy conflict.

The other day his compound was attacked. Apparently some Iraqis thought it necessary to throw grenades at his base.

My uncle is fine, at least as far as I know. But it seems to me that if we were doing these people in Iraq a great thing by liberating their country, they wouldn’t be so eager to attack our troops over there.

Recent headlines suggest that Bush sees this war as glorious. As my mom put it in a recent e-mail, “I guess Bush didn’t realize we still have soldiers dying.” Oh, and if you’re looking for validity in my facts, try this on for size:

If you believe this war is just, so be it; there’s so much debate over what is and what isn’t just, I’m starting to forget. But please don’t celebrate the victories of this war until everyone that is close to us has come home.

I’m a firm believer, however, that our campus is in need of some unity, especially after some recent letters to the editor. If there’s anyone in favor of getting together for harmony through some Frisbee tossing in the quad or a good old game of “Toss the Mayonnaise Dispenser off Lawe Street Bridge,” I’ll already be there.