Memorial concert to provide healing and remembrance

Sara Bergene

As a memorial to all those involved in the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music will be holding “A Concert of Healing and Remembrance” in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel at 3:00 p.m on Sunday, Oct. 7.The concert, which is free of charge and open to the public, is being held as a memorial tribute to the victims of the attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. Professor Richard Bjella, conductor of the Lawrence Chorale and Concert Choir, said that the idea for a concert of this type was presented to him by several conservatory faculty before the school year began. He said that all the music being played is, in some way, both healing and a way of remembrance. He added that everything was being planned with that in focus.

Both students and faculty will present musical selections at the concert. The Women’s Choir, Lawrence Chorale, and Concert Choir will all be singing. In addition, the small ensembles of the Lawrence Horn Quartet and Saxophone Quartet will be performing. Various solos and duets will also be performed on organ, piano, and voice. Some selections on the concert program include “Amazing Grace,” “Ave Maria,” “Psalm 23,” and “America, the Beautiful”.

Donations are not required, though would be appreciated, and all money collected will be sent to the American Red Cross to help further the relief efforts. The Conservatory has worked diligently on this important effort, and promises an excellent afternoon of music to all who attend.