Senior of the Week: Ben Glover

Anne Aaker

Ben Glover has had his eye set on the future for some time now. Since his freshman year in high school, Glover has been involved in the sciences, and he plans on pursuing his interests after college.
The senior from Ghana will graduate with an interdisciplinary degree in biology and chemistry this year. After graduation, Glover will begin his two-year stint with Teach for America.
While working for Teach for America, Glover will be teaching science classes to middle school students in Houston, Texas. Then he’ll begin medical school.
“Emory, Albany, UCLA … hopefully one of those schools!” Glover said.
Though he knows that medicine is in the cards, Glover is not sure which medical field he will go into. “I want to go through the rotations and figure it out from there,” he said. He does know that he would rather practice than research.
The idea of going to school for six to seven extra years does not faze Glover. “If you want something, you go and get it — no matter what,” he said.
Glover is also interested in volunteering his services in areas of need. Five years ago, he and a friend began a volunteer organization, called Youth Creating Change of Ghana. “We get international and local volunteers to come to visit rural schools in Ghana and donate books,” Glover explained.
Glover’s ambition and drive are almost palpable when it comes to talking about school and his future.
“I constantly strive to work to my full potential,” Glover said. “I’m proud of that.”
And given all that he has done and plans on doing, Glover will keep doing Lawrence proud, too.