What do you DO all day?

Betsy Winter

Have you taken a lab recently? When you go into a lab and gather your supplies, do you ever wonder who works to get you the things you need? Wayne Krueger is the biology laboratory supervisor. Along with Assistant Supervisor JoAnn Stamm, he works to make sure that you have beans that really are 15 days old. He keeps cultures and takes care of the plants and animals you study. Those of us that rarely get to the science buildings have no idea what kind of work labs take, let alone all the work that goes in to preparing labs!
Wayne graduated from Lawrence in ’75. He then went on to study horticulture at the College of DuPage in western Chicago. After DuPage, Wayne found himself back in Appleton working at the riverside greenhouse. When he found out that the current laboratory supervisor was retiring, Wayne applied for the position. That was 23 years ago.
Wayne credits a lot of the department’s smooth sailing to the help of JoAnn and the many student workers. Before every lab, they make sure everything is there – supplies, plants, animals, and whatever else you need. Wayne orders more supplies when needed, keeps track of student workers, and cares for the plants and animals needed for labs.
Working with students is a big reason Wayne comes to work everyday. He loves helping students and really enjoys seeing them learn and grow. But taking care of Lawrence University labs is not the only thing that interests Krueger. He plays racquetball a few times a week. And now that it’s nice out, Wayne hopes to be able to bike more. When he’s not on the go, Wayne enjoys reading and playing with his cat, Chip.
Next time you walk into your lab, take a look around. Everything that you need was ready and planned out for you well in advance. Be sure to stop by and thank Wayne, JoAnn, and the student workers for everything they do!