The Hot List

1. The Lawrentian
2. Aneesh Chauhan
3. LI Formal: dancing and sweating really are the two universal languages
4. Phi Tau Le Brawl: When has anything ever involving Phi Tau been anything but hot?
5. Free Cotton Candy: First Shack-a-thon and now Southeast Side Days (this Sunday!)
6. Breaking up with your significant other just in time for summer
7. Listening to WLFM in the Grill…oh, wait

1. The Land Bridge: We don’t understand how something that looks like it belongs in Call of Duty 2 fits into Lawrence’s architectural scheme.
2. Replacing the Gatorade machines with something that looks like it’s dispensing the liquid version of glow sticks
3. Housing
4. Hillary Clinton
5. Piano Faculty Chaos
6. Mexican Line on Sunday night: bring back Deli (or at least pasta)
7. Marriage