Letter to the Editor -wmd -dlh

I thought the whole point of SOUP being allocated thousands of dollars for a “big event” was so they could pay for the costs of the band in order that students wouldn’t have to. I’m pretty sure this is how it works at other schools. I like Guster alright, but I wouldn’t pay $12 to see them, and I suspect there are probably a lot like me out there. It would be cool to have a decent band come here, like Guster, and whoever wanted to go to it could go if you picked up a free ticket at the box office beforehand. This would ensure that you at least cared enough to remember to get a ticket and had at least a minor interest in going to see the band. Instead, only die-hard Guster fans will attend the show, and SOUP will effectively serve as a vehicle for Guster to play at the PAC for $12 and $30 if you’re a townie. Do the Rolling Stones even charge $30? Why not have Guster play the chapel like Ben Folds when he was here? This doesn’t seem like your activity fee being put to good use. I don’t think I’m being cheap, but I’ve seen a lot better bands for less than $12. Did SOUP not get enough money to pay for the entire act? If they did get enough funding, are they simply pocketing the surplus? I for one would like to know.*********–Justin Eckl