Gyros Kabob: little known, big taste

Ray Feller & Lindsay Moore

The new gyro place, Gyros Kabob, is an ideal stop for lunch. Within easy walking distance from campus, it offers excellent food and character. Located in the alley just behind Peggy’s (118 Soldiers Square), Gyros Kabob may be ‘off the beaten Ave.,’ but is well worth the digression.
Although there are not too many options, one can anticipate wonderful, hot food prepared quickly while you wait. If you like to eat in, the options are meager-a set of chairs outside, and a counter to stand at inside. It is also not a good place to go if you are hoping for the usual American-waiter-facade. Instead of bending over backwards to make you comfortable, they expect you to know what you want when you arrive, and to be fast about ordering it. This is not a criticism, however. It is refreshing to be without the fake enthusiasm of most food places in the Midwest.
Gyros Kabob presents options for all sorts of dietary needs and tastes; gyros and kabobs are available in both beef/lamb and chicken, while there is a vegetarian kabob. There are also salads, French fries, and baklava. The restaurant has a small amount of decoration, but is mostly there to facilitate fast ordering and fast service.
The food arrives warm and wonderful. Cilantro is used liberally on the sandwiches, for an excellent taste. The sandwiches, all served in soft, fresh pitas, come with cups of smooth cucumber sauce. The meat is thick and bursting with flavor. The Greek salad is large and simple. All of the vegetables in both the sandwiches and the salad are high quality, fresh, and very tasty. There is really nothing to complain about.
With prices are comparable to Hunan’s “Lawrence Special,” this little known gem is an ideal stop for the college budget, and deserves a place amongst those Hunans and Erbs & Gerbs of our hearts. So some time you are off to Lucinda’s, just keep on walking and head to Gyros Kabob. Your taste buds will be well-rewarded.