Staff Editorial

By most accounts, this has been one of the most eventful and trying years in Lawrence’s recent past.
When we look back on this year, we first think about the members of community who have passed on. While this has made our year difficult, the community has come together in a way that has truly shown its true colors. To all those who have helped, we extend our gratitude. To those who are not with us, we will always keep your memories near.
Security issues and how the administration handled them was also a topic of conversation for much of the year. After months of frustration and apprehensive speculation, we were pleased to see members of the administration make such an open and sincere gesture by holding the Open Forum. We hope to see more efforts at dialogue between the administration and the student body taken by both sides in the future.
On an official level, this year was marked by the MyElectionDecision.Org effort aimed at encouraging political involvement. We were pleased to see the effort on the part of President Beck and other administrators.
However, we would like to see more students taking this cue on a campus level. LUCC, Lawrence’s student-led government had to postpone its elections since only one member of the student body registered in time for the deadline to run for president. This marks a steep decline in interest and involvement in an organization that allows students to make a significant impact on the campus and the lives of their fellow students.
We were also pleased to see some active student organizations continue to expand their efforts, achieving new goals. Habitat for Humanity, for example, not only raised over $1,400 at Shack-a-thon but also took their first international trip.
We also appreciated efforts around campus, from the likes of ResLife and Downer, to make our community more environmentally conscious. Hopefully Lawrence’s upcoming environmental theme will continue to encourage consciousness as well as spur activism on campus.
This year has been a memorable one for us at The Lawrentian, as we expanded our paper from eight to twelve pages. We hope people will continue to read and participate in The Lawrentian as a nourishing medium for discussion and debate. We want to wish our graduating staff all the best and extend congratulations and well wishes to all seniors. To those of you who are returning, we’ll see you next fall.