Staff Ed: Fight Against Apathy

The end of a presidential election is not the end of politics. At Lawrence, however, political involvement visibly dropped starting November 3rd: there have been few letters to the editor regarding political issues, few rallies or protests, and little discussion among students about some of the key political issues being debated right now. There are several ways for Lawrentians to involve themselves again in politics, and we call for students once again to engage in political discussion and debate.
The current issues on Capitol Hill are extremely contentious and will have an impact upon our lives. The recent battle between courts and Congress over the life of Terry Schiavo is major medical ethics issue that may one day affect each of us. Another important issue that could change the power dynamic in Washington is the debate in the Senate over whether or not the filibuster should be retained. The way judges are confirmed, the kinds of legislation passed, and the power of the majority and minority parties will be altered significantly should the filibuster be eliminated, and this issue– still undecided at the time of publication – deserves our attention. All of this is not to mention the conflict between national security and the civil liberties we cherish, which has largely characterized the past four years.
There are several ways for Lawrentians to respond to the issues of the day. One new and interesting way is the soapbox speeches every Monday and Wednesday at 12:20 at the Main Hall clock. Taking a page from the past, Lawrentians now have the opportunity to draw a crowd and persuade their peers of the importance of these and other issues. Lawrentians can stage debates, write letters to this newspaper, and very importantly, write to their representatives in Congress and local government.
Those who most need to be politically involved probably will not have read much of this editorial. It is our hope that those of you who have read it will take the initiative and inform others of the importance of political involvement, and continue striving to make a difference.