Senior of the Week

Nicole Capozziello

After graduating in June, Ben Kraemer will waste no time in trekking far away from the Bubble. In fact, even thinking about his exciting plans makes me, and probably most Lawrentians, slightly depressed. This summer, Kraemer will be doing research on glaciology and microecology during an expedition across an Alaskan icefield. In the fall, Kraemer hopes to work as an intern at a biology field station in Tanzania. Kraemer studied abroad there during his junior year, participating in an ACM program in Ecology and Human Evolution.
Kraemer, who has already done several large-scale research projects on his own, would help others develop research as well as perhaps get to do some of his own research.
Regardless of where he ends up, Kraemer plans to begin applying to PhD programs, both in the U.S. and abroad, this fall. He wants to go into biogeochemistry, a daunting compound word and doubtlessly a challenging task. An Environmental Studies and Biology-Chemistry major with a Studio Art minor, Kraemer said, “I would eventually like to have a career where I could balance doing ecological research with my interests in ceramic art.”
Other goals or potential plans of Kraemer’s include directing study abroad programs, either in East Africa or elsewhere, and doing an artist’s residency at none other than the Kohler Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
However, as Kraemer admits, “the trendy thing for post-graduate environmentalists to do is join the Peace Corps or go “WOOFing” (World Organization of Farmers), so maybe I’ll just do that instead.” No matter what Kraemer decides to do, I get the feeling he won’t be occasionally popping up for dinner at Downer any time this fall.